Blogging with Brunel: Part 2


Graham’s earlier post demonstrated how you can use the online Brunel app (/try) to try out Brunel and include live visualizations that show your data within blog posts or other online content.

Partly because it is somewhat self-serving–since we will use this very blog for this exact purpose; but mostly, because we feel this is something Brunel can offer, we have updated the app with several new features and a new look.

The video demonstrates all of the new features, but the major ones are:

  • The Gallery and Cookbook are now integrated directly into the app
  • More editing features (titles, descriptions and resizing)
  • Uploaded or referenced data will show the individual data fields–selecting any one will show a quick visualization of that field
  • More deployment options.  Specifically, there are two new options that produce self-contained visualizations that do not require our service for deployment.

Feel free to give it a spin at /try.  Thoughts?  Ideas?  Feature requests?  Issues?  Let us know on github..